1. Open the store list, choose Woocommerce, then click Add Information to add a new store.

2. Fill in the “store name”, “URL”, “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret”.



URL only needs to fill in the corresponding domain name.(for example:

https://homnilife.com/XXXXXXX just fill in https://homnilife.com)



How to obtain Consumer Secret

Log in to the Woocommerce store background,choose “Woocommerce--settings”.




choose  “Advanced-REST API” , and then add Add key.




Enter the basic information of the key, then click save, and enter the next step.


1.Named by yourself

2.Your commonly used mailbox to receive system information and prompts

3. Must choose "Read/Write"

4.Click generate API key to select

(PS:User needs to fill in the mailbox for the read order permissions administrator account)



        Copy the Client ID and Client Secret to GSP Store authorization pages corresponding to the Woocommerce Store background.




3.Save the authorization information and complete the authorization.





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