Privacy Policy


Thank you for trusting GSP (hereinafter “we” or “us”) and choosing GSP's services. This Policy will introduce how we collect, use, share, and protect your personal information. When you use the services of GSP platform in any way, you will be deemed to have aware of and accepted this Policy. We therefore recommend that you read this Privacy Policy completely to help you understand the way you maintain your privacy rights. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us through the contact information published on the GSP platform.


Scope of Application


This Privacy Policy applies to all services provided by GSP platform (including GSP website and mobile client).


Legal Statement


When completing your purchase, a billing statement including '' and the country code such as "HK",UK etc. would be displayed on the payment page and/or your card statement. All purchases are governed by the Local Law of the corresponding country as indicated by the country code in the billing statement. You acknowledge that the personal information provided to GSP or collected by GSP with your consent must be authentic, correct, complete, legal, valid, and should be updated in a timely manner if such information changes. You acknowledge that GSP has the right to verify the authenticity of your personal information through a credit institution or an associated bank account. You shall be responsible for the relevant consequences of providing illegal, inauthentic, incorrect, or incomplete personal information, and you agree that GSP has the right to stop serving you in such cases.




  1. Unique device identification code (exclusive ID or UUID): refers to a string of characters compiled into the device by the device manufacturer, which can be used to uniquely identify the corresponding device (such as IMEI/android ID/IDFA/Open UDID/GUID) / SIM card IMSI information, etc.). The unique device identifier has many uses, among which it can be used to provide advertisements when cookies cannot be used (for example in mobile applications).


  1. IP Address: Each Internet device specifies a number, called the Internet Protocol (IP) address. These numbers are usually specified according to geographic areas. IP addresses can often be used to identify where the device is connected to the Internet.


  1. The SSL  also known as the security socket layer, is a security protocol implemented on the Transport Communication Protocol (TCP / IP). SSL supports various types of networks while providing three basic security services, all with the effect of information confidentiality by using public and symmetric key technologies.


  1. Cookie is a small file containing strings that is sent and stored on your computer, mobile device, or other devices (usually encrypted) when you log in and using the site or other network content. Other technologies that have similar uses for cookies are: Web Beacons, proxies, embedded scripts, etc.


How we collect your information


  1. Visit the platform

GSP automatically collects certain information about your device, including but not limited to your IP address, browser type, language used, device model, device identification code, operating system, access date and time.


  1. Create a GSP account

GSP will obtain the information you fill out or submit, including your name, email address, profile picture, etc.


  1. Use the service of GSP platform

GSP will obtain the information necessary for order fulfillment, including name, shipping address, phone number, product information, payment information, etc.


In addition to the information above, we may collect any other information about you in order to provide services to you and improve our service quality, including but not limited to your network usage habits, information about software you commonly use and information you provide when contact our customer service team.


How we use your information


We collect your information to fulfill your orders including process your payment information, confirm your orders, arrange shipments, and provide you with invoices. In addition, we use your information to:

  1. Communicate with you and optimize our services.
  2. Screen our orders for potential risk or fraud.
  3. Recommend to you what you may be interested in.
  4. Any other purpose as permitted by you.


How we share your information


We will share your personal information with certain service providers associated with GSP to help us provide the services you need or handle your disputes with others. we may also disclose your Personal Information to comply with applicable laws and regulations.


How we protect your information


User information is an important part of our business, but we promise not to sell or disclose the product information you order and your customers' personal information to third parties for purposes other than those set forth in this Private Policy.


We will take physical, administrative and technical measures to protect your information, including but not limited to confidentiality agreements, SSL, encrypted storage of information, and access control of data centers. Your account has security protection function, please keep your account and passwords properly. Despite the above security measures, please understand that there is no “perfect security measures” in the information network.


Juvenile Protection


GSP does not recommend juveniles to use our services unless permitted by local law and approved by the guardian. If we accidentally collect information about juveniles, we will delete it as soon as we are aware of it.




When you use our products and / or services, we may use Cookie and similar technologies to collect some of your personal information, including: the address of web pages you’re visiting, position of the reference page you previously accessed to, the period during which you stop on the page, your browsing environment and display setup. Cookie and similar technologies collect such information to simplify your repeated steps (e. g., registration, login), facilitate your use history (e. g., product search history), provide you with service that more suits your personal needs and what you may be more interested in, protect your information and account security, improve our products and services, etc.




To provide you with better services, we will update the terms of this Privacy Policy according to the updates of the platform and the relevant requirements of the laws and regulations. Without your explicit consent, we will not reduce your rights under this Private Policy. We will notify you in a prominent position or send you a push message or in other ways before the updated Privacy Policy takes effect. If such update materially change your rights under this Privacy Policy, we will seek your explicit consent.

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