How to Recharge?


You can choose paypalpayonner and Wire Transfer



You can directly transfer to our paypal/payonner account












TwoWire Transfer



click Wire Transfer to enter the information and enter the user name(First name and Last name)and the amount to be recharged


Click next to proceed to the next step


You will see our Wire Transfer accounts (please notes that these are all U.S. dollar accounts and can only charge U.S. dollars. Please select East West Bank Domestic ABA for transfers within the U.S.)



Log in to your online bank to fill in the correct beneficiary's bank account information, and fill in the Transaction Number generated by goshippro in the transfer remarks message box for transfer transactions.



Take a screenshot of the page where the payment is successful and contains the Transaction Number.

For example:


Upload the transfer voucher containing the Transaction Number to the goshippro system for verification by our financial staff.  (Note: Transaction Number must be filled in your transfer voucher. Our finance will give priority to recharge funds with Transaction Number. Failure to fill in Transaction Number will be recorded as abnormal recharge. Abnormal recharge will take longer to be credited)



Notes that bank recharge is affected by holidays. Generally recharge will arrive within 24-48 hours. If income will be delayed during holidays, please plan your transaction balance in advance, so as not to affect your normal transactions



Wire transfer the bank will charge a certain fee. The actual top-up amount is subject to the actual amount received by goshippro, and the top-up will be given.







For users who recharge more than USD 2000 at a time, we will give recharge benefits and distribute them to your wallet.




In case of unsuccessful recharge due to special circumstances,

please or online customer service for inquiries.






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