How to find profitable dropshipping products in 2024

Last updated 2024/03/15
Published 2022/04/07


Many people have no idea what products to sell for their dropshipping business. They even pay to subscribe to some websites to get recommendation lists. In this passage, We will share seven tips to help you think up an idea. We also provide some recommendations for your reference. This guide will allow you to explore the market by yourself then.


7 Methods to Find Dropshipping Products to Sell


  1. Find a product that can solve a problem

People are in pursuit of more convenient life. It is difficult for us to invest in a brand new product like Steve Jobs created iPhone. But introducing a pain point solver to the right people is what we can do.


Product ideas come from your own experience, observation, and conversations with others. You have a deeper understanding of people around you than faraway sellers. In other words, you can have a clearer user persona. So you can capture the pain point.


Take the example of Mary. She rents a house near her workplace and has been facing a problem-the space is limiting and not utilized. She doesn’t want to spend too much on furniture. Storage boxes and shelves are good choices for her.



  1. Try a niche you're interested in

Interest will motivate you to sell the right products to the right people. When you get a sense of achievement, you will continue to dedicate your time and energy to it. It's important because every business requires you to be patient with your growth, including dropshipping. 


Make sure the products you pick to dropship are in demand. Wishful sales are the wrong mindset of newbies. Thus, validating a product is a critical step. We will cover the topic in the next section below.



  1. Make good use of your professional skill

If you are a professional in an industry or a skill, you must make good use of it. You know product properties, sale margin, and supplier information. So you can speak for your store by your title.


For instance, a person can endorse his health product store like a nutritionist. A photographer can advertise his camera accessories store.

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash


Under this status halo, they can get user-generated content(UGC) for their business. UGC becomes more and more vital in sticking with consumers and expanding influence. 


And one thing we found on the Internet is that many marketers are doing dropshipping. No surprise. Marketing is the most critical skill required by dropshipping.


Skills such as photography, video editing, and copywriting will make it easier to run your online business. Besides, some talents like being good at communicating with people are also a plus.


In what field are you (going to be) an expert? Can it give you some help?



  1. Find a profitable hobby

Hobbies naturally form into niches. Outdoor activities accessories, pet supplies, gaming, and baking are all good choices.


There are different interest communities scattered across various platforms. And hobbyists are passionate consumers. Your choice to make some money is to dropship the correct product to the certain people.



Hobbies that cost money is your chance.



  1. Catch up with trending products

If you are a heavy social media user, browsing what’s trending on the online marketplace is a handy thing. It’s a wise decision to create a dedicated social account and see what’s hot and most wished. But notice that, the algorithm will study your past behaviors. If you use your personal account, the content pushed to you will carry a personal preference. Therefore, don’t forget to separate your account. One is for business, and the other is for personal purpose.


When you browse Tik Tok, use the hashtags like #Amazonfinds, #tiktokmademebuy, #tiktokmademebuyit. And don't forget to filter the time.


But chasing trends requires you to make quick judgments. You should have an already-built store so you can list the potential winner immediately. And keep in touch with a supplier like Goshippro Dropshipping who is capable to supply any kind of products.


Have you ever had conformity buy? What elements push you to do so?



  1. Hunt for high-ticket products

A high-profit margin means you can get more profit from fewer orders. This will save you several times your effort and ad spend. And there is a tendency that people would like to accept a higher price for a product they aren’t familiar with.



  1. See customer insights

When you scroll down AliExpress, Amazon, and other sites, you will see comments about the same product. From some of these comments, you will get to know what satisfies consumers and what fails. When you are building your dropshipping atore or make a product page, you can lead visits to notice the advantage of buying from you.


It’s also a good trick to invite your customers to write their feedback. You can state the invitation on a Thanks card. Their feedback has a powerful persuasion. Repeating purchases is a sure sign that you are on a right track.


Do not sell something that you are unwilling to introduce to your families and friends. An unpresentable product can hardly make sales. The second step is to test it on social media. Tik Tok is a rising star among social media when advertisers have tough days with Facebook. There are chances that your ads will go viral on Tik Tok. 



How to validate a winning product?


Free tools developed by Internet giants:


  1. Facebook Audience Insights
  2. Google keyword planner
  3. Google Trends
  4. Think with Google


Factors you need to take into concern:

source from Davie Fogarty

If you're interested, you can watch his video below↓↓↓



The most profitable dropshipping niches In 2023

  1. Health and personal care
  2. Women Clothing
  3. Pet supplies
  4. Baby products
  5. Phone accessories
  6. Beauty
  7. Gaming
  8. Gadget and home decoration

This list is a sample for you to start your own research. Good luck! We are waiting for your sourcing request.


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