Do I need an agent for dropshipping? | How to find an agent?

Last updated 2023/02/20
Published 2022/03/30


There're 3 types of dropshipping suppliers.


As many of you may know, Ali Express is an e-commerce platform that has a huge number of Chinese sellers with their factories. That’s why the broad categories of products all have a competitively low price. You can visit Ali Express drop shipping center. However, win a few, lose a few. The shipping time is not that satisfying. It takes about a month to deliver to your customers as the estimated arrival date is shown on the page. Your customers will be annoyed and take a chargeback for the inefficient delivery.


Why is the shipping from AliExpress so inefficient?

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The factories prefer wholesale orders. Factory owners care about the rate of equipment utilization to lower the cost of production. And sales are trying to develop high volume customers to get a higher commission. So your retail orders have to rank behind.


Some factories don’t have a well-equipped team to serve customers. Due to the lack of mastery of English, communication is hard to keep going on. Besides, some small factories don’t have assigned service personnel. You don’t know when will they reply and whether they understand your needs.


Energy consumption control impacts production capacity. Due to electricity supply issues and concerns for environmental regulation, some industries may be further restricted.


To solve these pain points, a drop shipping agent is necessary.


What is a dropshipping agent?

An agent is set up to play the role of a bridge between you and the manufacturers. They cover sourcing, purchasing, warehousing, shipping, and after-sales.


Let’s see how agent system is going to work. You find the desired product after some research. Connect your store with the agent, the data will automatically sync. If the agent has already listed the product, you can just place an order. If not, you can post a source request. The purchasers will look through and communicate with the manufacturers in China. After that, sales will give a quote on the product. If you accept the quote, you can move on to the next step. Your customer places an order in your store and you place an order fill in your customer's information. The agent will process the order. When the manufacturers deliver the products to an agent’s warehouse. The warehouse staff will check the quality and pack and ship the product out. The tracking number will update in the system.


Do I need an agent for dropshipping?

No matter whether you’re doing Shopify dropshipping or Amazon dropshipping, you’ll find an agent helpful. An agent is a reassuring supplier. They act as a legal plug-in for your e-commerce competition in China. By looking at the benefits of an agent, you can decide whether you need one or not.


One misundertanding about dropshipping agents

Many people think they have to get steay amount of order before working with an agent. The truth is, agents all accept dropship one item for one order now. There is no MOQ for store owners.


The benefits of a normal dropshipping agent


  • Faster and cheaper

Many agents locate in Zhejiang and Shenzhen, it’s much more convenient to ship worldwide from these cities. Agents will find manufacturers that foreigners can’t get access to for a cheaper price.



  • Consistent price

Many platform sellers share the same secret that they will increase the price before a shopping festival. There are 6.18, Double 11, Double 12, and Christmas on the timeline. And the price may change all the time when you never notice. By working with an agent, both of you will have a sharp eye for the quote. And your agent will inform you of the price adjustment.


  • Product quality control

Because the agent needs to be responsible for the product, they will check the product quality for you and your customers. And you’re more important to an agent than a seller on Ali Express. You won’t be in a dilemma where no one appears to solve the after-sales issue.


  • Efficient communication and ticket support

The client managers all have English certification and understand the nature of the sale. You can receive support from your agent. Because they are the group of people who wish you success more than others. You can tell them to not put in a receipt or generate an invoice.


Other benefits of GSPdropshipping:


  • Get easy money tracking for accounting purposes

Goshippro enables you to see transaction history, private inventory log, and Commission records. And our dashboard set three metrics: income, COGS, and orders.


  • Be optional for product branding and custom package

We’re always on your side. We’ll empower you to surprise your customers with your style packaging. A little cost to win loyal customers. Small gifts, cards, custom seals, and custom parcel bags are all available.




  • Establish a long-term and stable relationship with us

We don’t judge any client by order volumes. Because we believe in everyone’s potential. A big company is started with little. And we have received many surprises from our hardworking clients. We are grateful for every one of you.


How to find an agent for dropshipping?


  • Join a Facebook dropshipping group

There are many Facebook groups when you type in “dropshipping” or “Shopify”. Join some big and active groups. You can see many agents comment under someone’s post. Or you can post you are looking for an agent. However, you need to be prepared for the spammers and scammers. So many agents copy and paste the same self-promotion under every post regardless of what it is talking. Be careful of those who are not acting like real people. It’s not safe to work with such an agent. And some gurus already built their own FB group, you can check pinned posts to see if they have any recommendations.


  • Post on Reddit

Reddit is where people are more likely to answer your question when compares to FB groups. There are subreddits like “r/dropship” and “r/dropshipping”. The former one is much bigger and has more active users.


  • Search on Google

You can enter in the keywords “dropshipping agent” “dropshipping agent in China” “Aliexpress alternatives” and “dropshipping suppliers” and check those organic results.


  • Search on Youtube

Some agents have their own Youtube accounts. They will share some resources and tutorials. And some gurus may have reviews about agents. YouTubers who produce valuable content are more trustworthy when recommending an agent.


What do dropshipping agents charge?


Normally, an agent won’t charge monthly fees and membership fees because of the competition in the industry. Some agents have low MOQ while Goshippro has no MOQ at all. So you won’t face the awkward situation of trouble with the order volumes when you just startup. We understand how you need support as a beginner. Therefore, we won’t give you under any pressure of making sales.


An agent will charge the product cost and shipping cost. If some agents ask for money before you place an order, they are likely to be frauds. And it’s better to find a platform that shows you the components of the order rather than covers everything in a single number to secretly raise the price.




Due to the slow speed of shipping, we don’t recommend business owners to order from Ali Express. We have a team to provide you with from sourcing to shipping. The most important core of dropshipping is the support you get. So you are not alone. Goshippro is happy to be in your vision.


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