Is Facebook Ads Still Worth For Dropshipping in 2024?

Last updated 2024/03/15
Published 2023/02/11


Since Apple updated its IOS tracking system, the effectiveness of Facebook ads has noticeably and dramatically decreased. 


Over the course of the year, Facebook has moved aggressively to adjust. For example, published the prioritization of conversion, suggested advertisers expand the target audience and narrow down the target of the advertising series it provides. But the controversy over Facebook's advertising continues. A lot of dropship sellers are wondering if Facebook ads are worth doing anymore.


Facebook ad and IOS14


Why business owners have the concern for Facebook?

A few years ago, many dropshippers built their fortunes on Facebook. But if you were to run Facebook ads today, the performance would be different.


The loss of young people

TikTok is rising to be a strong competitor to Facebook. Young people, especially the Gen Z are more like to hang around other social media.


The IOS update changes the tracking system


The restraint on tracking users’ information increases the ads spend but can't maintain the payback. It’s a bad situation that eats the profit of dropshippers. Many beginners don’t know how to react to the state. They are confused about why they can get sales. The truth is that the marketing environment is becoming more and more complicated.  And lack the personal information is one part of it.


Still, Facebook is a worthwhile platform, especially for SMES (small and medium-size enterprise).


Why does Facebook ads still worth doing?

There are three main reasons. Let’s take them one by one.


  1. Bigger audience

The first reason is that Facebook is still the world's largest social platform. Even though many young people are turning their backs on Facebook, it still has the largest user base of any social platform in recent years.

Number of daily active Facebook users


During the third quarter of 2022, the number of daily active users on Facebook reached 1.98 billion, a minor increase on the previous quarter. When compared with the number of daily active users in the third quarter of 2021, the platform has gained around 54 million users. Facebook’s penetration rate for the United States in 2022 was 71.43 percent, up from 70 percent in 2020. The social network’s audience reach is projected to be 75.79 percent by 2027.


TikTok, on the other hand, has far fewer daily active users than Facebook. Tik Tok is heavily used by young people, who have less spending power than mature Facebook users.


As an AD delivery channel, Tik Tok isn't as well-equipped as Facebook. And it's not as transformational as Facebook. Relatively speaking, Facebook has the strongest and most robust advertising capabilities.


  1. Powerful ads

The second is its audience targeting function. Even though Apple IOS has a great impact on its audience positioning, it still has a great advantage in audience classification because of its rich content. Users are constantly generating and interacting with content, plus users themselves provide a lot of personal information when they log into Facebook.


At the same time, Facebook's ads are very diverse and can cover the needs of different advertisers. 



From brand promotion, and leads generation, to sales conversion, it has corresponding advertising series goals.



The form of advertising itself is also very diversified.

You are able to decide where to run your ads among Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network or across them all. You can also choose to place ads on specific mobile devices.



When you choose the ways to tell your business story, Facebook ad provides a variety of formats. There are photo ads, video ads, story ads, message ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, collection ads, and playable ads to choose. For a dropshipping business, you may find you don’t have the chance to use message ads and playable ads. Facebook message ads are suitable for products or services that will undertake a long time. While playable ads are prepared for app installation.


Facebook allows advertisers to display their products and stories in a much more diverse way than other channels, for example, Google Ads.


  1. Affordable price

The third reason facebook ads are still worth doing is that they are still cheap among many online channels.


Even though its ad price is rising, it is still very competitive compared to many other online channels for dropshippers. If you have a small budget you can still build an advertising campaign today. You can spend as little as ten dollars a day. By creating your ad copy, you can get your ad in front of the audience you want.


How to better run Facebook ads?

Because Facebook is the world's largest social media platform, its advertising function is very powerful, plus its price is reasonable, I think Facebook is still a worth doing channel at present. But since we've talked about some challenges in doing Facebook right now, I'm going to give you three suggestions.


  1. Tweak your expectation and strategy

The first one is to tweak your expectation and strategy for Facebook ad

Broadening your audience is one strategy adjustment. At the same time, using Facebook ads to proactively gather information about users is a strategy that advertisers must adopt now.


  1. Focus on improving your copywriting

Advertising copy is becoming more and more important these days. For most businesses, advertising copy can determine 80% of the effectiveness of the ad. Whether your ad copy engages your audience and inspires people to take action directly affects the effectiveness of your ad. So it's recommended that you create as many different versions of your copy as you can, and regularly test your copy to find the winning copy through trial and error.


  1. Build multiple channels

The last strategy is to build multiple channels rather than be dependent on Facebook only. We should expand beyond Facebook to TikTok, Youtube, Google, and influencer marketing, which are currently effective marketing channels.


All right, so that's why Facebook is worth doing and some strategies to address the new challenges of advertising on Facebook today. If you want to get a sample to make ad creatives,  or get customized packaging to take your ads to a higher level at a low cost, you can contact the personal service manager in Goshippro. Click the log in button, you will get the contact information on the dashboard. Or start online chatting now.

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