Human Resource, Information Gap, And User-Centered Thinking

Last updated 2023/02/11
Published 2022/11/30


Most dropship sellers of this small gadget know nothing about it. So it's hard to reply to the doubts.


They even show the installation wrong because of lack of information. But more importantly, lack of the mindset to consider in customers' shoes.


This product appears as the second of my search results for "tiktokmademebuyit". It has millions of views on Tik Tok (pic 1).


However, I don't think it really solves a problem. Because you can close the door with your hand. But the order volumes on Aliexpress and Chinese domestic shopping platform Taobao indicate it's profitable. So I went to the product page wanting to find out why people buy.



When scanning the product page, I found the illustration of the installation. The horizontal installation is wrong. Because when you open the door, the wire rope will get bent.



This is bad for the product's lifespan. The correct installation is the second one. The wire rope is pulled out horizontally


But many people don't have the space on top of the door. So they need to get replacements. It will become more natural and reasonable to ask people to buy bundles. By promising quality and durability to consumers, you'll receive reputational gains for being considerate.


And this product has different variants for pull power. They are 500g, 800g, and 1000g.






People will think about using scenes you picture for them, and likely order more than at the beginning. Making a detailed product page isn't difficult but will do good for checkout.














But how do you get the information to convey to your customers when dropshipping? You can browse Aliexpress similar products to make sure your description is informative and persuasive. And our service managers are also an important resource. Goshippro is a private dropshipping agent. We assign a personal expert for every client. If you are a dropshipping beginner, you can ask the person to check if your product page missed something.


Wish you luck! Thanks for reading my content!



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