Sales Come From BIg Traffic Pool And Happy Customers

Last updated 2023/02/02
Published 2022/11/09


At the very beginning, we should admit the existence of the Selling Funnel or the Customer Journey. From seeing the ad to purchasing, every step in the process serves as a filter. And every filter has a conversion rate for the next stage.



How Conversion Works


I suggest you use the CTR of your ads as the conversion rate. To have a basic understanding of ad metrics, you can read my previous post.


Many "having no sales" situations are all because of an insufficient traffic pool. The logic of the calculation is very simple. For example, you have 1,000 clicks. If the CTR is 6%, you are expected to get 60 add-to-carts. For the expected checkouts, 60 multiplied by 6% equals 3.6. So the result is that you get 4 orders at the end of the day.



If your store design is functional, you'll get more add-to-carts. Similarly, if you make excellent in-store marketing, you'll get more sales and higher order value on average. 


Something That Causes Bad Conversion


However, things may go in a contrary direction. Some store owners will accidentally add extra filters to their stores. They are pop-up windows, extra shipping fees, and other inconvenient settings.


Do you agree a pop-up window is annoying? It's worse if the first item we see is the pop-up rather than the homepage itself. This gives visitors a first impression that the store owner is so eager to pull out money from their pockets.


Next, visitors see "Free shipping on orders over $50" on the product page. It's 2022, why will an online store not offer free shipping for every item? If the person has to make up multiple products to reach $50, he is facing strong resistance. Even though the total amount is less than in other stores, our psychological account is unwilling to pay. Don't make customers think too much about how much they need to pay. Instead, create a sense of how much they can save. We will go over the discount stuff below.


For other inconvenient settings, the situations vary. It may be a transparent-background Add to cart button on the page bottom, bad interconnection, and very few choices for payments. And long wordy text without images should also be avoided.


The core tenet of customer service is to make the shopping process fast and happy. More steps or filters lead to less conversion and less income. Because as time goes by, the original consuming willingness will fade away without new incentives. 


Time Points to Add Incentives


Now, I will introduce three ways to bring incentives to your customers.



Product review is a must-read section on any dropshipping store. Among these reviews, images are more eye-catching and persuasive. And it's very convenient to import reviews with the help of plugins. Goshippro's new partner LAI product reviews just provide this technological support.


The second is reflected in your product description. I introduced the logic of a detailed product page months before. These are a bit abstract, honestly. But I'm still on my way to learning business and trade. The best way to cultivate business acumen is by hands-on trial and error.


The last time point to close a purchase is around the checkout. It could be directly offering a discount code. Or set requirements for a discount like a bundle and an upsell. 




In this passage, we go over what's a selling funnel, how to calculate conversion, and how to increase the chances to close an order. Now work for your success. Be open to new ideas, keep busy and you’re moving forward in the right direction. You have Goshippro as your ultimate dropshipping partner.



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