Unfold Package, and click Package List, here you can check and order the customized packaging we provide.

Select one kind of packaging, click Purchase to fill in more details.



Title: Custom name of the packaging.


Message: Your requirements for the packaging, such as the text you need us to print on the packaging.


Attachment: If you need to print a logo or pattern on the packaging, you can drag the file into the dotted box or click upload.


After completing all the information, please click Submit.




After submitting, a new order will be generated in the Package Order. It will take some time for us to process the quote. After we finish quoting, you can pay for the order.



After the payment, you can click Package Custom to see the packaging you order.


Note: The Quantity has to wait to be updated until the packaging materials are stored in the GSP warehouses, so it will be temporarily displayed as 0.


Click the button of Goods Connect near the search bar, you can apply the corresponding packaging to your products.



Select the product you want to configure in "Your Products", and select your packaging in "Packaging". You can apply multiple products for the same packaging item, or configure multiple packaging items to one product. Configuration information is updated every time after submitting.



Click Package Mapping, you can check the configuration information of your products and packaging. One product corresponds to one set of packaging material by default.




When you want to change the packaging plan for a product variant, you can click Detail to increase or decrease the quantity of sets of packaging materials.



At this point, the packaging setup is basically complete. After the packaging materials arrive, you need to click the switch to enable your custom packaging.



  1. For the first time you purchase one kindof packaging, the status is inactive by default and needs to be activated manually.
  2. Products with packaging will slightly increase the logistics cost, and the order amount is subject to the actual amount.
  3. If the number of products in the ordersto be fulfilled exceeds the current packaging quantity, our system will prompt that the packaging is insufficient. You can choose to fulfill fewer orders within the stock or turn off the function of custom packaging.
  4. Torepeat previous purchases, please click Purchase in the corresponding item in the list of Package Custom.



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