What Are We Talking About When We Talk About Oberlo's Shutdown

Last updated 2023/02/11
Published 2022/05/25


A piece of breaking news in the dropshipping industry these days must be the shutdown of Oberlo. From Oberlo’s official notification, their website and App will be no longer able to access after June 15. Users must find an alternative to Oberlo to continue their dropshipping business.


The Event of Oberlo’s Shutdown

What happened and what’s the influence on dropshippers?

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On June 15, 2022, the Oberlo App will be uninstalled from one’s Shopify store and the subscription plan will be canceled. The users can choose to cancel the paid plan by themselves and get a refund as soon as possible.

The Reason For The Event


Oberlo explains the shutdown in the OBERLO APP SUNSET FAQ.

I’ll regard this event as a merger and Shopify takes an important role. This is an action to maintain users(the “merchants” in the FAQ) for the sake of Ali Express dropshipping.


Although the Oberlo app will be no longer capable to access, the business will still go on.


Sunset is the end of the day. But after all, tomorrow is another day.



There are ups and downs in the business world. Dropshipping service companies will shut down and rebuild, so as dropshipping stores. Before a huge success, we have to learn by trial and error. I believe you’ll be rewarded for the spirit of enterprise.


This event also remains dropshippers to rethink who you are going to work with. It’s important to have backups.


Oberlo also provides a solution that users can automatically migrate all the data from to the DSers app. Oberlo’s employees are working with DSers.


What’s DSers


Oberlo’s system and workers are moving to DSers. We can regard DSers as another Oberlo but bigger and stronger.



Oberlo is only available for Shopify stores. However, DSers can integrates with both Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix.


-Bulk Operations

The DSers' motto is "bulk". As the official partner of AliExpress, they were able to build their bulk order capability at an early stage and continue to utilize it as a differentiator to this day.


And DSers also gave their advice to Oberlo's alternatives.



What’s The Alternative To Oberlo Except DSers

Oberlo and DSers are both tools for Ali Express dropshipping. The shortcoming is obvious for the long shipping time which is rooted in the model. Therefore, you need a dropshipping agent to provide faster shipping than your competitors. That’s what Goshippro can help you with.



Goshippro’s sourcing experts will find the manufacturers of your chosen products. After that, your assigned sales manager will provide the product quote that already contains the service fee. You have the right to accept it or not. You just need to pay Goshippro when you have orders for us to fulfill. The products will arrive at our warehouses that are close to harbors. With an ERP system, we are able to ship products to your customers directly. You don’t have to deal with the customers’ information.


If you want to know more difference of Aliexpress and dropshipping agents, you can read this article

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