How to view other people’s stores in Mobile mode?

Last updated 2023/02/02
Published 2022/09/05


Sometimes when you work on your computer, you come across other people’s website and want to check how it appears on mobile view. Is there a way to do it? Yes, and it’s very simple.


First of all, you need to have installed Google chrome and have an account. Open a store page, then come to the three dots in the corner. Go to More tools and hit Developer tools.


This example is for demonstration purposes only.


The second icon on the first line of the window is what we need. It looks like a phone and a tablet. When you hover on it, it says Toggle device toolbar.


The icon is in the red circle.


Click on it. You can view a store as if it’s on mobile.


You can also drag the sidebar or fill in the width to zoom in/out on the store page.

Hope it's helpful to you.


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