1688 VS Agents

Last updated 2023/02/11
Published 2022/04/16


A fellow posted his question in Reddit r/dropshipping. He found that 1688 is cheaper than AliExpress. But 1688 is a Chinese website. So it's inconvenient to order from. And there is a minimum order quantity(MOQ). It means you have to order a demanded quantity at one time. Otherwise, you can't place an order. He wants to know whether he can find and buy a small number of products and stores in his home. And he wants to know 1688 VS agents, who is better.


Here is my answer to this question. Alibaba is the foreign version of 1688. If you visit Alibaba, you'll see the minimum order quantity. In this picture, the manufacturer requires 10 items at a time.

r/GSPdropshipping - 1688 VS agents

Do you notice the shipping cost?


I tried to find a better choice for this product but failed. The other manufacturers ask for 50 and 100 pieces. I find a similar product than can order for one item. However, new problems appear.


r/GSPdropshipping - 1688 VS agents

The processing time is 10 days. Imagine your competitor has already delivered the products to their customers, while your products are still in China. A disaster. What's more, the shipping cost has to be calculated manually. This is inefficient. Sometimes, you can get free shipping after reaching a certain amount. But some factories don't have such an option.


So these platforms are for wholesale orders. You have to reach an order volume and have your own warehouse to store products. But as we all know, dropshipping is a fulfillment model that allows you to get sales without preparing goods.


The platform is nothing good or bad. They are just not suitable for dropshipping. In this case, agents are better for flexibility and variety.


We GSPdropshipping have no MOQ. We can ship one single item. And we provide an estimated shipping cost for your reference. You can check it by clicking the button near the quote we provide you. I know it's hard to decide whether you can order from a manufacturer. We'll be your counselor to choose a reliable one and take care of the follow-up work.


If a manufacturer is locked down because of coronavirus, you'll be worried and anxious because you need to ask for a refund and look for a new one. With GSPdropshipping, you can rest assured. We have a special person responsible for following up on the factory's shipments. When the alarm bells, we will immediately switch to another one.


And I believe that you'll try some products until you find one to go deeper. Every time you choose a product, you have to find the supplier on 1688. This wastes your time when you don't have us who can supply any legitimate products.


For product quality, we will check it for you. So your customers will not be disappointed.


If you want to interact with us on Reddit, please join r/GSPdropshipping.

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