7 Must-Have Tools For Digital Marketing 2024

Last updated 2024/03/15
Published 2022/11/03


For dropshipping entrepreneurs and marketers, using the right tools can make you half work with double the results. And many are widely used. To not fall behind your competitors, you should try them as soon as possible. Next, I'll introduce 7 powerful tools to make your work easier.





Writing takes a big part in daily marketing activities. If you write the description of your products yourself, you can check the format. The free version is already enough. Just go to the chrome web store, and add the extension. It's settled down.




2. Hotjar


Simply speaking, Hotjar can help you inspect customer behaviors on your website. It will generate a heatmap. The map uses rainbow colors from purple to red to show from least popular to most popular. The more time they spend in a place, the more popular and hotter it is. With that map, you know what information your customers most care about. Such a tool can also screen record. You can check if visitors have trouble with checkout.

Take Goshippro for example, "SERVICE" is one of the most visited pages on our site. To make it more informative, I redesigned the page. And we also adjusted the mobile version of the homepage according to the records. How your store looks on mobile is also very important. If you want to view a page on mobile when you use a computer, you can follow the steps.



3.Hubspot CRM


Hubspot CRM is used to manage and maintain customers. The free version already has powerful functions. For example, you can track your customers according to the selling procedure, see who opens your email, and view your site. So you can optimize your email to capture more leads. At the same time, you can install a free live chat gadget.




4. Canva


Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. It can meet all the basic needs of the photographic design. No matter which social media you want to post, the sizes are preset for you. And you are able to create a unique size or template. Pictures, animations, and videos are all available. It's convenient when you don't have the budget to hire a professional team to make videos for you.




5. Remove.bg


When you work on your store, removing the background of a picture is very common. Remove.bg is such a tool to help you accomplish the task. It's automatic and free. Then you can upload the file to Canva for editing.


6. Unsplash


I personally announce that Unsplash is a treasure! You can find so many high-quality and beautiful pictures here. They are all free. And you can use them for any project. No worries about copyright issues. You know, if Facebook knows you use images that violate others' copyright, it will ban your ad. Therefore, we must be very careful when using images.




7. Figma


Figma is a design tool that lets you create designs for mobile and web interfaces, or any other kind of design you can think of. Even if you are not a product manager, you can use this to adjust your landing page for marketing activities. Especially, when you want to hire someone to make a site for you. For example, you are running Google ads and have good Reach and CTR, but the conversion rate is bad. At this time, you can view and rearrange the layout of your landing page. No matter whether you want to make it by yourself or submit it to others, you have a blueprint.






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