What's the best time to post on IG and FB?

2022 Sep 01


Hello, guys. I'm Dolores from Goshippro. Today I’m going to tell you the best time to post on IG and FB. Because you’ll inevitably post on the two platforms to grow your dropshipping business. Some resources will share their findings. I also reprinted before. But I think it’s only for reference to some extent. So I’ll not provide the exact time. Because every account has a different audience. Their ages, genders, regions, and interests are all different.

How can we make sure which period of time works?



We must proceed from the actual conditions. We can see the most active times from Insights. Based on our account audience, we can post some tests. But notice that you need to have a business or creator account on Instagram to view insights.



Set up a business account on Instagram


Set up a creator account on Instagram



Maybe some of you don’t know what time zone is used for IG insights. Is it Eastern Standard Time or the time zone of your phone? It’s truly not. All numbers are calculated using Pacific Standard Time. So we can transfer the time zone of the region that most audiences are  from to test the best times.


How to transfer the time zone?


You can use this website: https://time.is/PST